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The super team

The #TeamSuperpictor is above all a multidisciplinary team, a large part of which has worked together on several projects since 2012.

Its main strength ? The experience acquired by its founders. It allows them to link digital expertise and technical knowledge of the promotional products market.

Its second strength ? The founders have surrounded themselves with great collaborators. Together, they form a small team of great talents that evolves very quickly !

Thus, the digital startup Superpictor is mainly :

Shooting 1

100% young talent

Because we all have a great job in our team and our average age is 29, and still, there is one who tips the balance. 🙊


100% conquerors

Because we are a close team !
We always want to be one step ahead. We innovate together every day to go further.
Are we going to conquer the world ? 🌍‍


100% pleasure

Because we are a team of real enthusiasts !
Work is above all pleasure. We love what we do. And when we like what we do, we do it well. 🌈‍


100% sharing

Because we share breakfasts almost every week 🥐. We like to take care of our vegetable garden 🍎. We pass on our knowledge to learn and grow together. And also, we like to go and meet our customers on trade shows. Because digital is great, but seeing you in person is even better. ! And from what I hear, we're super nice !
It is you who say it.


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