Superpictor Basics

Create hight definition logos in no time.

Save time to concentrate on activities that add value

  • Keep your time for graphic creations, you don't have to redo your logos by hand
  • Benefit from a 20% discount on grafic missions with Superpictor Prime
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See all your logos in 360°

  • SuperPictor allows you to acces your logos anytime and everywhere
  • Our history system keeps all your versions, year by year
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Be more reactive.

  • SuperPictor gives you the ability to respond rapidly and professionally during seasonal peaks in business activity
  • Modify your logos colors within seconds.
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Offer logos technically optimized in highest quality

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Benefit from a 20% discount with SuperPictor Prime.


Without gradient

With gradient

12$ HT

16$ HT

Embroidery Program

Up to 4 x 4 cm

Up to 8 x 8 cm

Up to 12 x 12 cm

Superior to 12 x 12 cm

Package heart + back

19$ HT

21$ HT

24$ HT

28$ HT

35$ HT

Outline cutting


With vectorization

9$ HT

19$ HT


15$ HT


5$ HT

Nickname Program

10$ HT

+ 0,15$/nickname

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