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The Super Story

The Superpictor project was born in 2018 …

Superpictor was born from an observation in a sector of activity in lack of digitalization : the textile and media objects personalization market.

Indeed, who says personalization says tedious management of the customer's request until the delivery of the final product.

On the one hand, these professionals regularly have to deal with poor quality logos that are impossible to send to production as they are. The graphic retouching generated is then time-consuming, costly and damn daunting!

On the other hand, they produce thousands of documents daily to succeed in upstream sales and ensure production in line with customer expectations. This leads to unnecessary working hours and recurring input errors.

These tasks, essential as they are, not only waste time, but they also cause very beautiful errors.

Two needs then emerge. The first, that of processing a large quantity of logos not suitable for qualitative production. The second is to have knowledge of the immense diversity of media objects and associated marking techniques.

And that's where Superpictor was born!

Illustration Bierres

… to save time for personalization professionals!

Eager to solve the problems of this sector and to save it from its constraints, we built the first SaaS solution, unique and transversal allowing to facilitate the graphic chain, eliminate a maximum of intermediaries, easily manage all the most important files. complex and redundant. And all this, gathered in a single platform!

Here is the first intelligent platform that is revolutionizing the daily lives of media object professionals! No more manual retouching of poor quality logos, no more B.A.Ts in Photoshop, Illustrator or worse in Paint, and no more errors due to numerous back and forth between the client and production! Make way for the new generation.

And it works!

At first, when a client started a new mission, a small bell rang. When we heard this noise, we were too happy!

Today, if we were to put this bell back on, it would be a real concert... What pride!


anniversary years!


accomplished missions



Our reason for being

Vous l’avez compris : vous faire gagner du temps pour vous concentrer sur vos priorités et éliminer tout risque d’erreur ! Nous sommes convaincus qu’intégrer Superpictor à votre activité vous rendra bien meilleur, en termes de productivité, de qualité, de professionnalisme et puis surtout... de bonne humeur !,

Our super goal

Dust off and reinvent your way of working on a daily basis!

Let's stay tuned!

Since our beginnings, we are constantly learning new things, recruiting new talents, developing new features. And all this, we share it with you.

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