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Superpictor is hiring !


As the only company to offer a transversal SaaS software on the personalization market, Superpictor is growing rapidly and is working on some great projects for the years to come. In order to accelerate this growth, we are recruiting new talents who will be able to share our values, bring their good humor and, above all, share their expertise within our teams!

To know us a little more...

(and yes, we must also know how to sell ourselves!)

  • A great atmosphere: cool co-working spaces, a vegetable garden that often occupies our lunches and games of Gartic Phone for the more geeks, coffee and tea at will.
  • A work organization adapted to each person: telecommuting and flexible working hours.
  • Breakfasts galore and barbecues as soon as the sun comes out.
  • Caring teams that foster a spirit of cooperation and group synergy.
  • Values centered around the sharing of knowledge and the development of each person's skills.
  • A Superpictor Welcome Pack to dress up in the team colors.
  • Great perspectives of evolution and mobility within a tech startup.
  • A good dose of humor and optimism with the weekly joke of our CEO!

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