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The first intelligent platform for customization professionals.

Superpictor is a customer-production interface that facilitates and accelerates the process of selling customized products from start to end.

Our unique offering provides optimized management of logos and embroidery programs, tailored to all trades in promotional products. With straightforward and transparent pricing, Superpictor allows you to efficiently manage your orders and enhance your customers’ experience. You can track the status of orders in real time, reducing errors and providing accurate updates to clients.

Whether you’re an embroiderer, a communication agency, or a general marker, our comprehensive and turnkey solution significantly reduces the sales process time, going from several weeks to just a few minutes.

Superpictor allows you to easily manage your customized orders and provides an optimal customer experience.


Translation: The logoboard gathers all your data to achieve centralized management of your customization projects.

Logo board. Find all your logos in one place and track the progress of missions in real time. Our AI recognizes texts and images to easily retrieve them and detect any duplicates.

No more juggling between multiple tools

All of your logos, whether transformed with Superpictor or not, are saved in the same location.

What was complicated is now very simple. Picto BAT Picto DETOURER Picto MOCKUP Picto VECTO Picto CUTCONTOUR Picto REDESIGN Picto PROG SURN Picto PROG BROD

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