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Vector art

Turn your poor quality logo into a great vectorized logo ready to print!

Vecto what ?

Many companies still have logo only in JPG or PNG and find themselves in trouble when they want to print clothing with their image or make large prints: the logo contains to manypixelated and therefore blurry!

To enlarge the logo and print it as clearly as possible, you have to go through the vectorization process. But there is no question of wasting time vectorizing a logo or an image, a long and tedious task!

How does it work?

We draw your logo entirely by hand to match your original image: contours, colors, effects and typography, taking into account your possible modifications.

Quickly convert your JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF files into PDF, SVG, EPS, CDR or AI vector images with Superpictor !

Pictogramme Vectorisation
Illustration Vectorisation 1
Illustration Vectorisation 2

Why vectorize your logo with Superpictor?

You will receive your vector art in the format of your choice in only 24 hours!

You don't have to waste time redoing your logos by hand, you just have to know how to do it and do it well.

Your prints, graphic creations and logos are of a truly professional quality thanks to Superpictor's perfect vector art!

Illustration Vectorisation 1
Illustration Vectorisation 2

From the simplest logos to the more hairbrained ones.

For your most serious customers and your craziest!

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