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Names digitizing

Create a custom embroidery digitizing for all your names and numbers, ideal for customing team jerseys for example.

Unlike the classic embroidery digitizing, this one allows to create a complete list of nicknames in a single digitizing.So, the production is faster and easier to implement. Only one document is needed for the machine because the embroidery machine will stop between each nickname. No more waste of time and energy with multiple documents thanks to the only one you need!

How does it work?

Send your list of nicknames in an Excel document instead of send us each name in different embroidery digitizing mission. Choose the font and size, validate and go!

Access our great font library: from a wide range, choose the best fonts your name digitizing!

Specify the dimensions: we only need to know the ideal height of the letters and the maximum width of the embroidery. We will then adjust the height of any nicknames that cannot meet these requirements. If your nicknames are on several lines, please separate them with commas.

Pictogramme Surnom

The point of nicknaming your programs with Superpictor?

You receive your quality names digitizing in record only 24 hours!

You don't have to waste time doing your customization program yourself, you still have to know how to do it.

Your embroidery digitizing is simplified and faster: you have only one program to insert in the machine!

A custom digitizing is 10€ Excl. VAT then only 0,15€ Excl. VAT per nickname. You save time and money.

From the most professional nicknames to the funniest ones.

For your most serious customers and your craziest!

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