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Logo checker

Get the logo checker available before each of our graphic missions: check and edit your logo in 3 clicks with our Artificial Intelligence.

How does it work?

Your logo has already been created, you just want to make a modification to it. Upload your logo and then... Remove the background of your logo, the graphic elements that you no longer want, edit the colors and crop it instantly. Edit your logo according to your preferences in just a few seconds, without having to use a graphic designer!

Then let our Artificial Intelligence do the work... Recommendation of minimum sizes for each marking technology, estimation of embroidery points and identification of any duplicates in your projects. Discover the first AI of the profession and delete any risk of error!

Your adjusted logo is ready! Download it as is and then start the graphic mission of your choice.

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The benefits of checking your logo with Superpictor?

You choose which elements of your logo will be visible, modified or removed: no need for a graphic designer and it's free!

You get an adjusted logo to your liking, ready for your chosen graphic mission or simply to download as-is!

You become a true marking expert with recommendations for marking technology from our AI: embroidery, pad printing, thermography, screen printing, transfer...

From the simplest logos to the most whimsical ones.

For your most serious customers and your wildest customers!

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